Michael Pirrall

Software Engineer


Michael Pirrall supports FLX in a variety of capacities ranging from software engineer to machine learning engineer based on his multi-faceted skills and experience.  He received a BS in Computer Science from the University of Rochester, although much of his hands-on work experience has been in data science and artificial intelligence, particularly with machine learning.

Prior to FLX, Michael interned at the Rochester Data Science Consortium for two and half years as a data analyst.  He has experience with the entire machine learning pipeline, whether it be data acquisition, model training and evaluation, or model operationalization and deployment. Michael is knowledgeable about machine learning in the cloud and is certified as an Azure Data Scientist Associate. He is passionate about computer vision, machine learning, and data science in general and tries to apply those skills to all his projects, whether it be software engineering or more classically data science/AI based work.

Outside of work, Michael loves reading about history, playing video games, and working out. He even played Quidditch (now Quadball) for 4 years in college, with his team making it to Nationals. He also loves to build computers, both for personal use and for FLX AI.

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