Amey Shahane

Software Engineer

Amey Shahane works as a Software Engineer at FLX AI, where he supports software development, cloud computing, and operationalizing custom machine learning models. With three years of experience in software engineering and machine learning, Amey brings a versatile skill set to the team. He’s particularly intrigued by Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Cloud Computing, and that passion shines through in his work at FLX AI.

Amey earned his undergraduate degree in Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from Mumbai University and Master’s in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  In addition to his formal training, Amey has completed significant self-study and completed an AWS cloud certification.

Beyond the tech scene, Amey finds joy in nature. Hiking and camping are his go-to activities, providing a sense of peace in the great outdoors. And when he’s not immersed in tech or nature, you’ll catch him indulging his fascination with fighter jets, marveling at the wonders of aviation.

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